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Commemorating the ‘Quit India Movement’

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Whither Nonviolence?

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Gandhi, the Journalist

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On the occasion of the ‘Quit India Movement’ anniversary, we bring to our readers an ‘almost forgotten’ tale of rebellion by a group of young men, back in 1942. We have tried to document their daring deed towards the Indian freedom struggle so that their contribution does not recede into oblivion. Click below to read …

30th January 2018. 70 years ago, on this day Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. The day itself is remembered as Martyr’s Day (one of several) in India. Homage is paid to the Father of the Nation and his beliefs eulogised. Let’s take a breather and try to understand the concept of nonviolence. As its foremost advocate, …

October 2, 2017 The Media India Centre for Research and Development presents Gandhi, the Journalist, a compilation of essays by Shri Upendra Vajpayee, to commemorate the 148th birth anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation The famous French dramatist Romain Rolland described him as a “little man, so frail in appearance”… Upendraji’s essays …