Political Parties must field honest professionals in Elections.
With the exit of black money from the political system, it is a great opportunity for all of us to join public life. Among the new generation of politicians, we may again have leaders like Maulana Azad, the world famous scholar and Education Minister, Dr. Sampoornanand, the philosopher and highly accomplished teacher and journalist of UP, Lal Bahadur Shastri, the great Prime Minister who had successfully fought the aggression from Pakistan, and indeed the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. They founded the modern democratic India.
The present drift in the Indian state could be saved if we return to our old high moral ground in public life.
Apart from the political class, the impact of the black money can be seen in the electronic and print media. Most news channels are facing economic challenge, but their promoter-journalists own farm houses in Delhi and other state capitals. If any action is taken, these corrupt journalists make noises that press freedom is in danger. but, hasn’t the press freedom already been snatched from journalists and writers?
Even on electronic media, the resource persons are told what political line they must take if they want to be invited on the TV talks. The advertisement power of the governments has further undermined press freedom. A journalist gets jobs on the basis of his political and bureaucratic connections. A television news channel known for its left-orientation is known for appointing sons and daughters of IAS officers. It talks about high morals, but continues to retain a woman journalist allegedly involved in the 2-G scam.
Therefore, it is not surprising that Indian media only makes noises. Seldom have we witnessed correct information presented with a rational approach.
Bengal chief minister, Mamata, is ready to join hands with the CPI-M on the issue of demonetization. The media should have asked her what steps her government has taken so far to stop fake currency bundles from the Malda border in her state.
Similarly, the Punjab leaders are shouting at the Supreme Court order on the canal water, but they have seldom joined hands to stop fake currency and drugs from Pakistan. During the long innings of Lalu and his cronies in power in Bihar, the fake currency was freely coming from the Nepal side.
The fact is that the political-criminal nexus is being challenged for the first time in our country.

Even Pakistani journalists and channels have appreciated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bold decision to demonetize high denomination currencies of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. There appears to be frustration writ large on the face of common citizens in Pakistan. They openly say Modi could do because despite his certain views against minorities, he is on a large moral ground, and he did it against black money. They also recall that a powerful military dictator, Parvez Musharraf, wanted to introduce General Sales Tax (GST), to mollycoddle the vested interests. With the support of political parties that started countrywide strike the GST proposal was later withdrawn.
The same strategy is being used today by the thieves and thugs of India crowding every profession whether it is civil services, law, or even media, with the support of political leaders irrespective of their pronounced ideological differences. A section of BJP too is silent as far as these elements are concerned.
We need to be cautious before taking sides on the present action against black money.
 P.s. These are author’s personal views.

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