The paradigm shift in Indian diplomacy is now visible. Our foreign policy does not appear to be apologetic any more. The brilliant speech of our External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, on Monday, September 26 at UNGA reflects the new assertive mood of India that Indians are not war mongers and do not want to be a party to selective terrorism and the endorsement of the so-called non-state players for the growing crime against humanity across the world.
She emerged as a seasoned statesman on the world theatre. She reminded the world powers that the terrorists are not only attacking India, but now emboldened again to attack New York, where the UNGA is housed. The world is unable to tackle this menace due to its inability to define terrorism for formulating effective strategy to free the world from it. One of the reasons may be attributed to the fact that the UN continues to function under the 1945 world scenario, when the world powers had decided to function under the umbrella of UN. She reminded that the UN should reflect the new world realities.
The speech was not Pakistan-centric. Her reference to the ongoing Balochistan massacre has only reminded the world about the grave human rights violations in the South Asian region. The Pakistani military dictator, Pervez Musharraf, an Indian origin refugee known as Muhajir, had got 79-year old Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti of Balochistan assassinated. Earlier, the military leader had succeeded in winning the confidence of the terrorists and the army establishment to become army chief. He had successfully toppled the previous Sharif government. During the Pakistani polls, he also managed to hush up the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a firebrand national leader of Pakistan from Sindh. Her father, ZulfikarAli Bhutto was hanged by an earlier military dictator, Zia-ul Haq. The violence and dictatorship is in the air of Pakistan, which continue to promote terrorism acorns the world.
Sushma’s speech in Hindi also enabled her to communicate Indian policy to the people of Pakistan directly that the main issue between the two countries is terrorism and their sponsors that continue to repress the democracy and peace-loving people of Pakistan.

 P.s. These are author’s personal views.