A few things must be understood amidst the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19, which is accompanied by belligerence of the contemporary Chinese rulers and the challenges India faces on her borders as well as the efforts to save our people from the deadly virus.
A few historical elements must be understood in this crisis, firstly India and China or not the rivals in the region, secondly, they have a common history of 2500 years of intense association. It may be surprising for us that the Indian General Narsinh Varman was appointed during the Tang Empire to protect southern China from the aggressive Tibetan army. The history, however, has changed with the Tibetan ruler seeking refuge in India and China annexing vast Tibetan territories violating Indian borders! 
It is also my humble request that the present leadership of the Chinese Communist Party should not be considered as the same party, led by Mao which took over power in 1949. The communists had fought amidst deep forests and mountains for almost 14 years and had lost more than a million party volunteers before occupying power in China. The present Chinese rulers can be compared with the today’s Congress Party of Sonia and Rahul. Can we call it the same party led by Mahatma Gandhi?  The present rulers constitute the ruling elite, mostly offspring of the erstwhile Communist rulers. XI Jinping is no Mao, but he wants to retain the curbs on freedom to rule the country.
It is often asked whether the concept of Hindi-Chini bhai bhai was misplaced and was just rhetoric. In my opinion, it expresses the two millenniums of intense ties between the two great nations. In spite of the Communists mischief, the past cannot be wiped out. My sources reveal that even within the Communist Party of China, most of its members do not subscribe to the policy of confrontation or war with India. I have had discussions with some Chinese diplomats, including ambassadors, who, in private conversation, regretted the Chinese aggression of 1962.  India too has also reciprocated that the prestige of the Chinese army should not be undermined, though it had wiped out a large number of Chinese forces in 1967. The so-called invincibility of the Chinese forces was retained. In 1988, the Chinese brigadier’s threat to nuke India, tough he later apologized. However, the Chinese aggressive posture convinced India to go nuclear. Many among us jokingly state that while the 1962 debacle forced Nehru to revamp and modernize Indian army. He also graduated from the dreamy world of becoming an apostle of peace, striving for peaceful co-existence, and later he realized that the might is still the right. His grandson, Rajiv, decided to go nuclear, which was detonated during Prime Minister Atalji’s regime. It is heartening that the successive governments in India have retained their vigil and never compromised the country’s security.
The world has been pushed to this perilous trajectory due to the too ambitious XI Jinping and his team. The circumstantial evidences confirm that COVID-19 is a sort of a biological weapon. A team of researchers led by a team of a young Chinese scientist from Wuhan laboratory experiments this man-made virus on the bats and reptiles 2011, but its report and findings were kept under security. The laboratory was set up with French collaboration and it had tie-up with a Texas laboratory, but the West was unaware of the virus. The Chinese military authorities already had clamped tough regulations and the foreign collaborations were discontinued. Five years later, when the COVID-19 engulfed the world, the Chinese refused to have an international enquiry. It reconfirms the suspicion that COVID-19 could be a part of biological warfare.
While the rest of the world is struggling under the pandemic, the Chinese aggressive assertions in Hong Kong and South China Sea and its belligerence with the European powers indicate its sinister agenda. Meanwhile, the deep penetration of the Chinese in the political and financial systems of the West has made it a formidable financial power. The government-owned Chinese companies have substantial shares in the nuclear power plants of UK, the Chinese own 20 per cent shares of the media companies of USA and have tried to influence the major US publications with huge dose of advertisements. They have a strong presence in the American real estate too.
To the question that what is the next for us? My reply to this is that the present Indian government is following a very sagacious approach. In my opinion, it is a correct policy. The fate is also with us. Fortunately, our young soldiers in the Galwan Valley have re-scripted the war game, the myth that Chinese army is an invincible force is just gone. It reminds us of the Vietnam War, the American army had suffered its image as an army of great soldiers, it had to leave the country. The Chinese agenda to play psychological war game against the countries from the Galwan Valley to Cambodia and Vietnam has lost its thrust. Now, no body is afraid of China.
We only pray that the XI Jinping and his ruling coterie should realize that their dream of subjugating the world is over.  Maybe, they forgot that their war game too had come from India. China has to relearn the teachings of Confucius and Buddha that one should behave with others as he expects the civil treatment from others. The present regime has to dilute the controlled economic systems if they want to enjoy the benefits of the free world.  In 1999, China was inducted in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and was expected to become more responsible and democratic in the coming years. However, XI Jinping has retained the closed Communist systems. The non-Communist Chinese media have already been exposing and cautioning the world about the dirty game of the present rulers of China. 
The cautious approach of the Indian leadership led by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is time tested and correct. He has retained the ideological thrust of permanent India-China friendship without diluting the vigil. The COVID-19 has given all of us a setback and the bloody border clashes worry us, but China has already lost the war.  The battles are ahead, and we must be ready for such confrontations. 
China’s deceptive moves are exposed. It has now to face an alert world amidst the COVID-19. The Indian media needs to be vigilant and try to learn a comprehensive approach on the tricky India-China relationship. The Indian army has already upset he Chinese agenda, but media is a permanent watch-dog. It has to well-informed and aware of the play of forces.

Gopal Misra